Wedding Insurance

The main things that a good policy will cover are the following:

Cancellation of Wedding Reception

Possibly one of the most frustrating things to occur is the venue cancelling on you with little to no notice. This does happen, and has happened to this writer! There are various reasons a venue might let you down, one being that the company has gone under and are no longer in business, and if you paid upfront or even a deposit this can often be lost, and be rather costly.

Damage or Loss of Bridal/Ceremonial Attire

Your wedding and bridesmaids dresses can be covered, but different policies have different time frames for which they will cover. A good wedding insurance company will cover this for 3 months before the wedding and usually 48 hours after.

Damage to Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts are usually one of the most valuable items in a wedding, and insuring them is a wise move. However keep in mind that most policies will NOT cover you for theft of your gift but only for damages, which is stock standard across all companies. Standard coverage for gifts is only 24hrs after your wedding, so make sure you get your gifts back home as soon as possible after your wedding day. However if you have a gift registry get longer, and usually get 90 days, but this can be extended to 12 months if you use John Lewis wedding insurance and also use their gift registry.

Loss or Damage to Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are another expensive item and not something you want to lose, although we all joke about the best man losing the rings, you would be surprised how often wedding rings go missing amongst the sometimes frantic lead up to the big day! Keep in mind that most wedding insurance companies will only cover wedding rings for about 7 days prior to the wedding day and only 24hrs after.

Wedding Cars

Wedding car companies sometimes run into problem, as any company does, common issues are double booking the cars out to two wedding by mistake and not having a car on hand for your wedding, or damage to the cars days leading upto your wedding. A good policy will also cover for this though.


One of the last things you want to hear from your wedding photographer is that the photos have been lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, but it can and does happen. Sometimes the photographer may not even turn up. What the situation it is not pleasant but something you can get insurance for.


If the suppliers you are using for your wedding catering is not able to provide the service any longer due to bankruptcy or liquidation, your wedding insurance should cover this, but you need to read the policy carefully to make sure this is in there. A good company will reimburse you for any losses.

Wedding Invitations & Stationery

Wedding invitations can be surprisingly expensive, sometime into the thousands of pounds even. The main issue that people run into with invitations is when the wedding gets canceled or the venue changes and the printing has already happened. The cost of the printing and stationary can be covered though with good wedding insurance and you will be reimbursed this cost.

Legal Expenses

If something has occurred at your wedding that results in you wanting to take legal action against another party for damages or even death, then legal cover as part of your wedding insurance will cover your legal fees. However this is something you need to read the policy carefully for as it is not always covered.

This sites wedding insurance reviews covers everything you need to consider and the best companies to go with, good luck for your big day and hopefully you want need to make a claim!!