The Dress, Part One – Selection

Many young girls dream about their wedding dress. It’s a symbol that goes back hundreds of years. Having a ceremonial dress for a very important event isn’t new, but it is special. We like dresses. While it’s impossible to make sweeping generalizations and still have your dignity in the morning, it is safe to assume that there are plenty of women that truly adore having the perfect dress that fits them on their wedding day.

But who really knows how to get that perfect dress? After all, it’s the premise of a lot of TV shows, radio shows, magazines, and plenty of articles and even videos online. Everyone is looking for the perfect dress that’s going to make them look healthy, fit, beautiful and even a little bit sexy on their wedding day. If you are looking at all of your options right now, this guide is for you.

So, where do you really begin first? Well, you want to make sure that you are definitely looking into your budget first. We tend to stress the need for a budget, but it really is that important. If you don’t get a budget, you’re just going to end up treading water. Who really wants to keep going through life never able to really enjoy the things that you buy? When you spend money that’s well outside of your means, bad things start to happen. Resentment sets in. Since it’s about the joining of two people, it can be tempting to take it out on your spouse. However, this is something that’s only going to make life difficult for you in the long run. Why start your new marriage with a lot of conflict that doesn’t need to be there? That’s the main point that we’re trying to drive home here.

Another point that needs to be put out there: ladies, you don’t have to get the most expensive dress. Just because you read about Melania Trump getting a massively expensive wedding dress doesn’t mean that you’re going to feel less than amazing because your budget doesn’t stretch that way. You will look great no matter how much your dress costs. Deep down, nobody really cares how much your dress is anyway. Can we just stop with the class warfare and the price comparisons? If you didn’t get an expensive dress, you’re not a bad person. However, by the same token, you’re not a horrible person either if you got a more expensive dress.

The bottom line is that every woman has to do what’s right for her on her special day. You don’t want to wake up and realize that you’re settling for the wrong dress in order to please other people. Your family has to see you in the dress, but they don’t have to hold those memories as close to the vest as you do. It’s personal, and the personal matters this time around.

So get out there and look into those magazines, into those online stylebooks, and even stop by some wedding boutiques. Trying to find what you really want to get for a wedding can be difficult, but it can indeed be done. You just need to go for it!