Take Back Your Power On Your Wedding Day!

If there’s one thing that you should give yourself on your wedding day, it should truly be a little bit of peace! Indeed, taking back your power on your wedding day sounds complicated, messy, and stressful…but it’s always worth doing. The reality here is that if you don’t claim your own power, nobody will step up to do it for you. That means that you always need to keep your wits about you. It’s tempting to just assume that you won’t have any problem in the world on your wedding day but you might be surprised.

While your family means well, they tend to want to have things done in a way that’s pleasing to them. You might even have family members that boss around your wedding planner. Wedding planners have truly seen everything and they can handle themselves but it can still be embarrassing to see your mother changing what you have planned out months in advance.

Many brides feel like they are crossing a line when they speak up, because everyone has taken such time and money to see them get married. Still, it’s your day — not theirs. They can say that the wedding is for the family, but if you don’t feel 100% comfortable on the best day in the world for you, then what’s the point?

It’s important to sit down with everyone long before the wedding day and make sure they understand these points. Sure, you might have some hurt feelings but the truth is that you need to focus on what really matters here. Just going with whatever will create less waves is really dangerous. You have to always be thinking about the type of day that you want to have. Your family should love you enough to step out of the way and just let you enjoy it for a change.

A lot of people feel like they shouldn’t confront their family ahead of time, waiting till the last minute instead. That’s the wrong approach because your family will feel pressured and ambushed. Bringing it up a few times well in advance shows them that you really mean what you say, and you’re not trying to be mean. Of course, if they’re really going to misbehave, then there’s no point in having them at the wedding — family or not!