Bridal Announcement Sites

A bridal announcement site, amongst other things, can be used as a valuable tool to assist in the planning of your wedding, as a resource of information for your guests and to involve those who can’t make it to the wedding. There are a number of various resources that can provide wedding websites. Some offer a custom website built specifically for you. Some offer DIY websites where you can choose a particular style, enter information about the wedding and ‘Hey Presto’ your website is created. Others offer both.

Custom sites will be designed and built by a web designer and should be a one off to meet your requirements. The main benefits are that you have a site that is truly unique, possibly complements your stationery and the work is all done for you. Disadvantage is cost, involvement with designer, cost for updates and the time taken to create the site.

DIY sites are designed so that you can enter details about your wedding, upload your favourite photos, choose a website style that you like and it will automatically generate the website for you. Advantages include; instant website, easy to create, flexible enough to customise, cheap, easy and instant updates. Main disadvantage is that it is not as flexible or unique as having a custom site created.

What should you go for Custom or DIY?

That is really your personal choice on what you want your wedding website to do for you and how much you are willing to spend. Before making your choice though you should have a look around to see what you could get for your money. Custom designers will in most cases have a portfolio of sites they have created in the past. DIY sites usually have demonstration sites and offer free trial periods, so you can create your own site and see exactly what you are getting.

Costs for wedding websites range from being free to potentially thousands. It all comes down to what you want! A standard DIY website with approx. 10 pages including a photo album, guest book, RSVP form, etc would cost £50 to £100 per annum. A custom website of the same size would cost approx. £300 to £1000 depending on the designer.

Top Tip

After care and support can make the difference. Ensure that the supplier you choose provides support and is easy to contact and won’t charge a fortune for their time. You don’t want to be left stranded with a half built website, or wanting changes made but can’t get a hold of anyone.

Scan through the supplier’s site and look for help pages and contact information. One way to test the level of support is to contact the supplier via email or phone with a question before buying. This can be anything, e.g. can I have my custom website designed to match my wedding stationary? or I was thinking of getting a DIY website, can you tell me if I can add short movies?