Is a Wedding Cake Necessary

In a health conscious world, getting married isn’t just about looking good anymore. It’s about feeling good from the inside out. So one of the questions that keep getting asked over and over lately is whether or not we really need a wedding cake anymore. When most people think of weddings, chances are good that they are actually thinking about the cake that they want to eat. They want to watch a bridge and a groom eat wedding cake with each other, while they line up to get slices of their own.

We have cake shows on TV — massive cakes being made in honor of weddings that are very elaborate and designed for hundreds of people to show up! But does that mean the wedding cake is honestly necessary?

Not so much. You can indeed have anything you want at the wedding. But today people have more health concerns than ever. Some people are gluten free, others are vegan. Some are diabetic, and cannot have sugar in any form or shape. They have special dietary needs that have to be addressed. Others just don’t want the expense of a cake, when they could have something more creative to mark the occasion with.

If you don’t want to traditional cake, you can still go with a cheesecake. For people that are gluten free, you can go with getting a crustless cake, or one that’s made form almond meal.

It’s going to be up to you to decide if you want to put the cost of getting a cake into the budget. When money is tight, it could be better to just serve something else that’s a bit cheaper. No, it won’t have quite the same ring of symbolism and respect as the other one will, but that’s not the point. You need to think about the things that you want. If you don’t want the expense of a cake, you don’t have to have one.

If you want to get a cake made from alternative items, then you can get that too. It’s just going to be a matter of your tastes at this point. Nothing is really necessary at the wedding ceremony and reception except your spouse to be, you, and the marriage official — plus a few witnesses, of course! Good luck!