International Wedding Photographer

Increasing numbers of couples from the UK are choosing to get married abroad rather than the more ‘traditional’ route of a civil or church wedding in the UK. Despite the abundance of great wedding venues in the UK ranging from hotels to country houses to castles and marquees, the one thing we can’t depend upon is the weather. That isn’t to say that the sun always shines overseas or that all destination weddings are ‘sunshine’ weddings as many countries can be as equally changeable as the UK with regard to the weather. Caribbean wedding photography and New Zealand wedding photography are just two classic examples of where the weather can change in an instant!

Getting married abroad for many couples, is not just about getting ‘better’ weather, but can also be for a number of other reasons including cost and ‘atmosphere’. Prague is a classic example of a city with atmosphere, stunning architecture and a fantastic location for a wedding.

Cost first of all, – getting married in the UK is expensive…or at least, can be expensive. Getting married abroad does not necessarily mean expensive (or cheap), but generally costs are lower overall. Perhaps not for the guests, but with regards to the total cost (to the couple and family) compared with an equivalent wedding to a wedding in the UK. For this reason alone, many choose to marry in far flung destinations, but for many, it’s something else.

Atmosphere. There’s something that extra bit ‘special’ getting married abroad and that something ‘special’ is a holiday feel on top of the normal wedding ‘atmosphere’. Couple and guests tend to be a little more relaxed as that holiday feeling compensates for some of the stresses and strains of organising and orchestrating a wedding. The Amalfi Coast in Italy is a classic example of a relaxed atmosphere in a stunning location for a wedding.

So international wedding photography , – is it any less important…or even more important? We would say the latter as the opportunity for documenting the day is even further enhanced by the extra opportunities and this is something that should never be left to a friend, amateur or non-specialist…and that is exactly what Firehorse International Photography are, – specialist destination wedding photographers with experience of photographing weddings on 4 continents.

As an international wedding photographer, Simon Mark Whitten has photographed and been commissioned to cover weddings ranging from hotels in Ireland and Greece, to the grandeur of The Waldorf Astoria in New York, to French chateaux weddings, Italian Lake weddings, to an exclusive golf resort in China, to a converted mill in New Zealand and beach weddings in Mexico and Australia. We love unique wedding destinations, especially the stunning areas of France including Champagne Ardenne, Corsica and Pitou Charentes to add that little extra spice and inspiration to our photography.

Anywhere particular that we’d still like to go? Many places, but particularly weddings in Paris (France full stop), weddings in Venice, weddings in Morocco and Marrakech and we’d love to receive a commission for a wedding in Rajasthan, India. We’re fired up about overseas wedding photography, – how about you?!!

If you would like more information on destination wedding photography and international wedding photography in France including Paris and Chateaux, the Loire Valley, Normandy, the Dordogne, the French Riviera, Picardy and Languedoc-Roussillon, Italy including Rome, Ireland and Dublin, Spain, Australia and New Zealand and anywhere in the Carribean including Jamaica, Antigua, Mexico, the Bahamas and Bermuda or the USA.