Getting the Word Out About Your Wedding

Trying to get the word out about your wedding? You’re not the only one. A lot of brides are opting to do these things themselves rather than contract a pricey service. That’s something that can definitely become complicated if you have a huge guest list, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Think about it — if everyone you want to invite is on your Facebook friends list, then why do you need to send out nice invitations? We’re just talking about a purely financial sense. It’s not a “must have” to get fancy invitations. You can also print them out yourself if you just want people to have keepsakes of the big event. Yes, if you take them to a print shop you might pay a little more, but you also have a higher choice in terms of paper as well as the design process as a whole.

Going online to spread the word about your wedding can be pretty fun, because you have a lot of options. You can share it in a video broadcast, which can be shared on any of the social networking sites. YouTube will host your video for free, of course. You can also make it private where a special link has to be sent out before people can view it. This will keep spam to a minimum as well.

Calling everyone you know might get the job done, but it takes a while and you might be catching people at a bad time. This is why the Internet is nice — once you make the announcements they can look at them later when they have free time. Be sure that you let everyone know what you really want — don’t skip telling them to RSVP, for example. If you would prefer that small children not attend the reception, you can say that.

However, you should be prepared for some push back on that issue. A lot of parents feel that their children should honestly go anywhere that they go, and they will be upset if they can’t take their children. Your decision may require them to seek out babysitting services, but that’s not your fault. If you’re trying go for a certain theme, or you are serving food that isn’t very kid friendly you have every right to adjust the audience so that the children aren’t bored. When children are bored, they tend to make a scene about it. That’s really not what you want to go for. You might as well do what you’re going to do and keep going with the rest of your wedding plans.

It isn’t hard to get the word out about your wedding — everyone is pretty excited for you, so they’ll pass it along. Good luck!