Getting Away From It All

There’s a lot to be said for choosing a special location away from home for your wedding. Although weddings traditionally took place near the bride’s parents’ home, many brides these days don’t feel any connection with this place, particularly if you left home years before. Or you may want a particular kind of wedding, which may not be possible in this location.

On the other hand, the place where you live now may not be feasible either for many reasons. For example, one or other of your families may live predominantly at the other end of the country – if you have elderly relatives it may not be practical to ask them to travel the distance. The ideal solution is to find a different destination.

There may be a great location equidistant from both your families. Alternatively, there may be somewhere special to the two of you that will really add a sense of occasion to your wedding. And by choosing such a destination, you can really make a weekend of it by finding accommodation where your entire wedding party can stay together. This way, you’ll really get to spend some time with your friends and family.

wedding location

At Home or Abroad?

Many brides are opting to celebrate their weddings in a range of exotic locations such as the Caribbean or Tuscany. Destinations such as these offer an incredible backdrop to the day, and with several specialist agents to choose from, the organisation and legal side of things shouldn’t be a headache. However, the disadvantage of going abroad may be that many guests will not be able to afford the additional costs of flights and accommodation, and you may end up with fewer of your friends and family there to celebrate your day with you.

Perhaps the best way forward is to find a location in Britain, which has both the scenery to make your wedding extra special, and satisfies the inevitable practical considerations. Cumbria and the Lake District, for example, offer everything you could wish for the perfect wedding. It is a location that provides an amazing and romantic setting, particularly when combined with the range of high quality venues available in the area.

You can opt for your own stately home for the weekend, or for a first rate hotel, all with views that will make your photographs especially beautiful. Added to this, the region is easily accessible by road and rail. There is also a wide range of accommodation options, so that all your guests will be able to find something to suit their budgets.

Practically Perfect

Of course, organising your wedding in a place you are not familiar with may pose some organisational difficulties, and it is a good idea to consider employing a wedding co-ordinator with specialist knowledge of the area. Although this may feel like a luxury, a good co-ordinator will save you money overall by finding suppliers and suggesting ideas which will be cost effective and still fit in with your theme. In this way, you will be in control of your wedding, while being confident that everything will be just as you wished.

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