Choosing a Wedding Videographer

Consider what you want, and why you want it?

You are planning a major day in your and your family’s life. Dependant on your financial circumstances, the affair will be modest, posh or even grand wedding occasion, but relative to your resources it is going to be expensive. Accept that and you’re well on your way. Of all the Major expenses, the greater part will expendables. The reception venue, clothing, flowers, drinks, transport, stationery – are all part of the set you are building. Don’t waste it.

A good videographer will see and capture the love and effort that has gone into the preparation of your wedding day. His or her job is not to make things happen (although he or she may guide you or offer a little advice here and there), the videographer should see all the little things that have gone into the wedding preparations and capture them on film to the best of his or her ability, along with the major events of your wedding day.

With a pocket full of tapes the videographer, will return to the edit suite where dependant on the scale of the production, they will face between 2 to 5 days editing the visual images and audio, together with the insertion of transitions, fades, composition of titles and backgrounds. Artwork for cassette covers, DVD cases and plus a few other things I may have forgotten.

So what are you looking for?

•    Ideally a recommendation is the best place to start.
•    Failing that, telephone around.
•    If they sound good on the phone – arrange a visit their studio.
•    Is the work you are seeing is the work of the people who will attend your wedding?
•    How many cameras will be used, and do they use professional equipment?
•    Where and when will filming start on the day, and at what point it will end?
•    What the total cost will be, is VAT chargeable, and is there a written contract?

If you like their work (you’re happy to have them as a guests at your wedding), ask for 7 days to make a decision (meet a few other videopgraphers), unless you get that YES feeling. My final thought for your big day (when you’ve chosen your videographer) – we respond well to the odd cuppa throughout this very demanding day.