Choosing a Wedding Photographer

From all areas of professional photography, wedding photography has to be of the most demanding. The photographer has to turn everyday people into stars, making the most out of whatever locations, using natural lighting and a portable flash and working in various weather conditions and within a limited time.
Photographers work from a variety of locations including shops / studios, others work from home. On average, they will undertake 30 – 40 weddings per year; some will employ more photographers and will cover hundreds of weddings a year. Whichever photographer you decide to choose to capture your day, it is important that you are comfortable with your photographer. Ensure that you meet your photographer face to face; you wouldn’t want to find out on your day that you didn’t get on with your photographer. Are they friendly and relaxed, do they appear to be bossy?

The most important factor in choosing your photographer is to meet a number of photographers who specialise in the style which you are looking for. Some will only undertake work in the traditional or classic style, some will only work in the reportage, fun style, and some will cover both styles. The reportage style captures all of the fun and emotions of the day in a candid way. Most photographers will cover your day in a mixture of colour and black & white photographs.

Wedding Photographer

When making an appointment to view work, companies may send out a representative to discuss your package, some will be the photographers themselves, one golden rule is to make sure you are viewing work from the photographer who will be capturing your wedding day, and not just a good selection from various photographers. You must also ask to view a recent actual complete wedding. Is there a good mixture of groups, do the photographs show good detail in the faces and dresses, does the complete wedding picture tell the full story of the day? One thing you might consider when looking through samples, is there a mixture of photographs taken under different lighting conditions?

For most couples, the budget plays an important role into choosing the right photographer. Prices will vary and generally speaking, you get what you pay for. Some photographers will only charge a small amount, usually because they are not very good or are inexperienced, the more experience a photographer has, the more they will charge. There is nothing wrong with photographers with less experience, but they must still prove to you that they are still capable of doing the work that you require. The costs will vary on the number of hrs that the photographer expects to be at your wedding, the amount of photographs they estimate to take on the day, the quality and type of album offered to you within the package. Some photographers will include all of the proofs taken. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting for your money. Can the photographer offer reprints for the guests, albums for parents, and at what cost?


•    Meet a number of photographers before making your final decision.
•    The samples, were they taken by the photographer who will cover your day?
•    Can they show you a complete wedding, and not just a sample of pictures?
•    Do the samples cover a variety of lighting conditions?
•    The complete album, does it tell the full story of the wedding
•    The complete album, does it show good detail in the dresses?
•    The complete album, does it show good expression in peoples faces?
•    Do the group shots look tidy with everyone looking at the camera?
•    Have they worked at your chosen venue, if not will they check it out beforehand?
•    Make sure you know exactly what the cost is and what is included within price.