The Honeymoon Matters, and Here’s Why!

Are you thinking about going on honeymoon? A lot of people are. If you’re honesty going to try to get married and still be as frugal as possible, then every decision that you make needs to be thought about carefully. There’s nothing wrong with thinking things through rather than being impulsive. Unfortunately, we live in a pretty impulsive society so there’s always someone waiting to do something else, even though the price of what they want to do might be far outside their budget. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to create great memories and experiences, but it doesn’t need to come at the price of your financial security.

A honeymoon is a great way to escape from life and have a little vacation with your new spouse before things pick up in your life again. However, there’s something about making sure that you really, really want to travel a long distance. If both you and your spouse have careers, it would be best to save some vacation time for another time in your life where you want to be alone together. It can be hard to get vacation time alter after you’ve used it all up, so planning is wise.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a series of weekends away from home rather than some big vacation that you’ll struggle to pay off. You still get the effect of having a good time, and the feeling of knowing that the next few weekends will be filled with fun and adventure is always a good thing. However, if you’re concerned further about time, you can shorten the time that you’re away as you see fit.

There’s nothing wrong with looking at the balance between having fun and watching your finances. More couples are walking into marriage with heavy debts, and the need to be frugal is a must. There’s nothing that says that you can’t include people — some couples opt to make it a double date of sorts and go with another couple.

The bottom line is that you need to focus on your new life with your spouse. If that means that you go somewhere less expensive or take advantage of some last minute travel deals, you should do so. The honeymoon matters because you get to spend time with your spouse. It doesn’t matter in terms of what you do, but who you do it with. Focusing on quality time with your spouse early on in the marriage will help you feel more comfortable with them and much more likely to have a longer marriage. Good luck out there, things can get complicated in a flash!