A Few Noteworthy Wedding Trends

When you set about planning your wedding – or even helping a friend plan his or her wedding – there are nearly endless sources of inspiration and ideas. From weddings you see in films or on television, to weddings you’ve been to in the past, and even blogs and expert opinions you might consult, you will come into contact with virtually every possible type of ceremony and reception. So how can you help to sift through the ideas and come up with a perfect wedding? A great deal of this depends on your own personal touch, and your vision for the wedding. However, it might also be helpful to focus on some trends in weddings that are currently popular, rather than considering everything nice you’ve ever seen at a wedding. Here are a few miscellaneous trends to help get you thinking.

Weekend Weddings

One particular trend lately is for couples to invite guests for an entire weekend’s worth of wedding festivities. This allows for more time for your friends and family to enjoy each other’s company and truly appreciate the event, rather than rushing things. This is an important first idea to consider, as it can set the tone for the entire wedding.

Bridesmaid Dress Variety

In planning a wedding, one of the major decisions will be in picking out the bridesmaids’ dresses. However, by adhering to the recent trend of allowing bridesmaids to have more choice in the matter, you can save yourself some effort, and let the bridesmaids have some fun! Instead of picking a uniform dress, simply pick a uniform colour, with a few different styles to choose from. This will keep them looking like a bridal party, but will allow them to pick dresses as individuals.

Taste The Cake

If you want to make your wedding truly unique, you can take this surprising step – find a cake that actually tastes good! With all of the focus on decoration, many wedding cakes actually taste very bland, and this can be a bit anticlimactic. Whether you do your cake shopping at Marks and Spencer or the local bakery, do some taste testing in advance so that you can choose a delicious and attractive cake for your reception centrepiece.

Late Night Food

Another unique and fun trend you can use to enhance your wedding is to have food trucks or caterers provide late night food. Wedding receptions generally include dinner, but they can also go late into the night, and people who have been dancing and drinking for hours want food! Providing some catering trucks can be a very fun touch.